Stuffed & Ready

A thoughtful and dynamic album redesign and branding concept

The matter at hand

Develop the brand look for the 2019 album “Stuffed & Ready” by Cherry Glazerr. Construct a series of deliverables to best support the album including album cover front and back, tour poster, longsleeve t-shirt, baseball cap, and stickers.

Here’s my take

A cohesive visual style was created that followed the tone and lyrics of the album. This manifested in a mood board and subsequent deliverables that are built around the visual language incorporated in the mood board and the feelings of isolation, loneliness, shame, and self-reflection that are present throughout the album.


15 Weeks

What I did

Branding, Packaging, Layout Design, Illustration, Photo Editing, Photo Illustration

Project Type



Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Fresco, pencil and paper

Research and audience

The research for this project included listening to the album through several times, paying attention to both lyrical content and emotive qualities of the sound. The research also including observing the current branding for the band. The implied demographic is Cherry Glazerr listeners and people who listen to similar music who will interact with the design incidentally.


Repeat listening and analyzing of the album was done while noting recurring themes and emotive tones. Following that, a moodboard was created based around the qualities in the album’s content. I produced the designs in this order: album artwork, tour poster, merchandise assets were produced then applied to the different merch deliverables.



Seattle, WA