Red Light Vintage Rebrand

A Studio-54 inspired rebrand for a treasured Seattle vintage store

why rebrand?

Red light vintage has been one of Seattle's primary vintage destinations since 1996 but currently lacks branding that shows its funky character and quirky charm. The current branding is limited and inconsistent across media channels. The challenge is to create a new logo and brand identity that communicates the brand’s purpose and ethos, while standing out from competitors.

a solution tailored to fit

A solid brand strategy was created around key tones/words that represent the brand identity to serve the brand through environmental, social, and interactive media. Through mind mapping exercises, the key words “rebellious”, “unique”, and “timeless” were chosen to represent the brand character. Then the tagline ‘You are the party’ was chosen from combining these ideas. The tagline embodies the celebration of and fun of vintage shopping and dressing.


11 weeks

What I did

Branding, Identity, Layout, Advertising, Copywriting, Illustration, Logo Design

Project Type



InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fresco, pencil and paper

Brand Character

research and audience

History, Audience, and Category Audits were conducted. I visited the store and took photos to make notes of the current branding and visual narrative of the storefront. I observed the current instagram and website to document the store’s tone of voice and current needs. Based on their marketing and what I saw in person, the demographic is gen z to baby boomers: artists and creatives, people interested in sustainability and/or fashion.


Research was collected on Red Light Vintage’s background, audience, competition, and their demographic. Through a series of branding exercises a mission statement (external goal), brand positioning statement (internal goal), brand promise and key brand character traits were developed. The brand character traits were developed into a concept and mood board that helped drive the design of the entire project. Only after clarifying who the brand was did a logo and various deliverables get made.



Moodboard and Tonal Recipe

brand book


Seattle, WA