Puddle Magazine

A Seattle lifestyle magazine for arts, culture, and current events

What gaps can be filled?

New York has more than its’ fair share of arts & culture and lifestyle magazines. But Seattle is lacking in a publication with a fresh and distinctively progressive point of view.

Seattle’s solution for news, art, and hot takes

Although there are lifestyle publications based in Seattle, they lack long-form stories and a point of view. Puddle Magazine is unapologetically progressive and seeks to be a trusted Seattle-based leftist and artistic source.


16 Weeks

What I did

Concept, Branding, Art Direction, Logo Design, Layout, Illustration, Photo editing, Photo illustration, Coding, Web Design

Project Type

(Jenny Littlefield coded the majority of the website homepage and helped create the initial Puddle identity)


InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, pencil and paper


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The logo went through a few iterations, with the key idea being to tie in a water element with the text. The second-to-last iteration has rain streaks through all put the first letter, however the sharpness of the lines was not on brand. The final logo version has more organic shaped streaks of rain through the letters.


The Puddle style can be defined as organic and soft, with desaturated primary and secondary colors. The photo collages are primarily edited with the brand colors, with one exception for a specific figure. The layout influences are broad and disparate, with fonts and illustration style unifying the different magazine spreads.

cover and spreads

Landing page

The landing page was the first component for the Puddle Branding, created during Winter 2020-2021. During that time the name, fonts, colors, were chosen and the website was created in partnership with Jenny Littlefield. The project was expanded in Fall 2021, and later finished during Summer 2022.

Seattle, WA