Here you will find various shining moments from other projects that didn’t make the cut for the homepage!

Illustrations in Magazine Spreads

Illustrations I did combined with magazine spread layouts I designed.

Scarecrow Video

Advertising campaign for local video rental store capitalizing on their rare and non-streamable titles.

BIC 4-color pen

Advertising campaign for BIC 4-color pen that features female music groups with 4 members to highlight the 4 different colors available.
Art direction by myself, Jenny Littlefield, and Jessie Smith.

Illustration by me
Illustration by Jenny Littlefield

Mudi Hard Coffee

Can design for flavored hard lattés

Concept animation for Mudi advertisement

Good Deeds green cleaning

Branding, illustration, logo design, and packaging for a green cleaning e-commerce brand. Box design and construction by Jessie Smith, Colors and font chosen by Jessie Smith, Ana Bungag, and myself.

Plant Illustrations

Procreate illustrations for a magazine spread about local plant shops.

Back-to-School Reminders

Poster campaign to remind people what to do and remember when coming back to in-person school.

Seattle, WA